Newly Redesigned Website

The District Realty team is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website.

Here at District Realty, we have taken the last few months to think about the future of renting residential and commercial spaces in Ottawa. In partnership with Truedot Design, we have created a website that provides renters with the tools they need to rent with confidence in today’s market.

Some of the new features we have included are 3D tours, Enhanced Map View of Properties, Improved Search function, FAQ, and a Neighbourhoods page.

3D immersive tours offer renters the opportunity to save time by exploring a space online first and see if it fits their needs, before scheduling an in-person tour.

We understand that location can often be a deciding factor when renting, so we have improved the map to allow renters to narrow their search efficiently. 

Our Improved search function under the map allows renters to refine their search by bedrooms, location, date available, and price for residential searches. For commercial search, we have included property type, location, size, and date available. 

The new FAQ section helps guide renters through the application process, while also providing current tenants with the ability to find answers to their questions outside of office hours.

Neighbourhood pages help those who are new to Ottawa decide on the neighbourhood that fits their lifestyle. We’ve included information on events, proximity to green spaces, shopping, and more.

Go to, and see what’s new!