A Customized Approach to Property Management

District Realty is Ottawa’s most trusted property management company, offering clients and tenants an unparalleled level of service and experience. Whether you’re looking to be a hands-on owner or prefer limited involvement, our property management specialists will tailor a customized solution that meets your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

We treat each building as though it were our own investment. With years of experience managing apartments, office buildings, retail stores, and shopping malls, our team of professional property managers will help you reposition and make improvements to your property that will save you thousands of dollars and dramatically increase the overall value of your investment.

District’s handpicked team of property managers includes Steve Ramphos, Jason Shinder, Kelly Kerrigan, Michael Morin, Whit Fraser, Sam Gandemer, and Simon Sit. Meet the team.

As part of our property management program, we’ll determine your budget, set policies, and effectively administer the day-to-day affairs of your property in order to maximize your net income, capital appreciation, tenant retention, and cost reduction, while maintaining and improving property facilities.

Property Management Services:


  • Analyzing all leases to ensure tenants are paying the right amount of rent at the right time
  • Tracking operating results and adjusting throughout the year to account for increases in expenses
  • Reviewing tenant accounts and looking for early signs of tenant distress or default


  • Annually reviewing all major operating contracts
  • Looking for cost-effective options to combine services and staff from other properties
  • Providing estimates prior to tendering large contracts


  • Implementing energy management systems and procedures
  • Negotiating tender contracts regularly
  • Reducing costs by taking advantage of bulk trade discounts
  • Tracking current market rent levels to ensure we are maximizing revenue through the leasing of vacant suites and renewals of existing tenants


  • Always listening and responding to tenant concerns
  • Providing 24-hour emergency service to ensure you and your tenants always get help when it is needed


  • Conducting regular on-site inspections of operational efficiency
  • Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive preventative maintenance program
  • Organizing, planning, and directing all required physical maintenance
  • Conducting regular reviews of all service contracts
  • Implementing service contracts, as directed
  • Calling tenders and reviewing all work done
  • Ensuring all insurance policies are current and all necessary appraisals are completed
  • Continually advertising and marketing vacant or potentially vacant suites for rent
  • Corresponding with all levels of government that have jurisdiction over your property, as required
  • Following up on and implementing warranty issues on all work completed
  • Coordinating the refurbishing of space for occupancy and tenant improvement initiatives, as directed


  • Preparing and presenting an annual operating budget
  • Providing long- and short-term financial projections
  • Providing complete monthly financial statements, including a comparison to budget
  • Establishing and maintaining a separate in-trust account to collect and deposit funds owing to the property
  • Reviewing, recording and providing payment of all invoices for work completed at the site
  • Providing a payroll system, if required, for all on-site staff
  • Preparing year-end books of account, including draft financial statements, for the annual audit by your accountants

If you are interested in learning more about the Property Management services we offer, please contact us today.