Tenant Reviews

What People Are Saying About District Realty

I really enjoy staying here … It’s a very safe, clean and professionally managed building.
Steven C., Ottawa
We have truly enjoyed living at this fine establishment.
Andres and Dolores C., Ottawa
We were constantly amazed at the effort and dedication the superintendents brought to the building and its daily operations. They treated the building as their own.
Fred H., Ottawa
I have very much enjoyed living in the building. The staff and services are great.
Susan H., Ottawa
I want you to know what a wonderful job you’re doing. I’ve been living here for almost three years and have never seen so much work and effort done here in such a short period of time … Thank you!
D. V., Nepean
The superintendent and his two staff were excellent and professional at all times. I have enjoyed living here and would do so again. Thank you.
Robert T., Ottawa
Thank you for your friendly service that have made our stay in your premises comfortable.
Shah K., Ottawa
It’s been a great experience living in your building. You have a wonderful staff. They are hard working and very helpful every day and we greatly appreciate it.
Zukaida and Josefina G., Ottawa
I want to say its been great living under District Realty Management. Your team has done a super job.
Lauren C., Ottawa
We have enjoyed our stay and feel that the management of the building is excellent.
Michael D. and Lise A ., Ottawa
We have been very fortunate to find a great building to reside in with fantastic superintendents.
Duane and Julie F., Ottawa
I have to say that in the four years we resided at a District Realty apartment building, the service we received from the District Realty team has been outstanding. It’s really been a pleasure. Thank you again very much.
Jennifer H., Ottawa (Apartment Tenant)