Tips for Moving into a New Ottawa Student Apartment?

Obviously, moving into a new Ottawa student apartment can be a big job, and the logistics of it are usually what cause stress and worry. What goes where? How am I going to get all this stuff packed? Don’t worry. With the solid game plan, it’s actually not too hard.

There’s no reason to worry about moving if you’ve got everything planned out. Just use these tips and moving into your next Ottawa apartment will be a snap!


Get a friend, a future housemate, a family member, or all three. Having help will definitely make things easier, especially if you have big pieces of furniture to move up those apartment stairs (though you should call and ask to use the apartment service elevator).

If you are moving in with new apartment housemates, communicate! Make sure that everyone is agreed on what apartment furniture is going where before you move in. Sometimes, if one apartment bedroom is smaller, it’s fair to let the person in that bedroom put a piece of their furniture somewhere else in the apartment. Be sure to have all that organized beforehand.

Depending on the size of your move, you each may want to move into your new apartment on separate days. If it’s a small move, it’s convenient to help each other out on one day. But if it’s a larger apartment move, you don’t want to be up at 3 a.m. finishing up the second move of the day.

If you are moving several people, or if you are new in town and need a hand, consider hiring a local ottawa moving company like 1st Rate Movers to help.


Don’t shove everything into a few boxes late the night before. Start early. Even if you’re not moving for a month yet, there are likely a number of items around your apartment that you can pack away. If you pack up a little bit every day or every couple days for a few weeks, you’ll find that by the time it does come to pack everything up, a good chunk of your job is already done for you!

You’ll also find that if everything is planned out early, all the minor inconveniences that might pop up are no sweat at all. Maybe you called the apartment and they can’t hold a service elevator for the morning of your apartment move. If the move is still a month away, chances are that doing the apartment move in the afternoon, or the day after, is a lot easer to coordinate than if you’d called the morning you were planning to move into your new apartment.

Keep a list of deadlines that might include:

  • Finalize rental truck details.
  • Call apartment to confirm service elevator or at least the regular apartment elevator is available.
  • Buy X number of small boxes, and X number of medium ones.
  • Find soft mats to put on apartment furniture.
  • Change all apartment mailing addresses, and set up mail forwarding to the new Ottawa student apartment with Canada Post.
  • Figure out exactly what clothes and such stays unpacked during the move.
  • Sell wanted apartment furniture and other extra apartment “baggage.”


Keep a list of all the major stuff you have to move. Plan out where you’ll put everything in advance. Bounce your ideas off a friend, to see if you’ve missed anything. Label or number your boxes, and consider keeping a longer list of what’s packed where. If you really need to get on with your life and hit the ground running in your new Ottawa student apartment as soon as the move is over, knowing exactly where to find everything in your new apartment even before you’re completely settled will be very helpful.


Pack up everything as tight as you can. In the truck or whatever space you’re using to transport stuff from your old apartment to your new one, pack things tight and right to the roof. You would be amazed how much can fit when you’re diligent with packing things tightly. The tighter things are packed, the less they’ll move around.


And finally, remember to relax. Plan a night out after the move is done for you and everyone who helped. Or, if you just want to relax in your new apartment, order some food and pay everyone’s tab – it’s a good way to say thanks.  And don’t forget to say thanks out loud, too.

If you’re looking to move into a new student apartment, District Realty has plenty of Ottawa student apartments for rent. When making your moving and apartment living plans, remember that we have more Ottawa apartments articles for you to browse.