How to Make Your Ottawa Apartment’s Bathroom Shine with Beauty

Is your Ottawa apartment’s bathroom not all it should be? Have you ever thought, while brushing your teeth, that your bathroom needs a change? It could always be cleaner, bigger, and more comfortable, no? Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things you can do to make your Ottawa apartment’s bathroom shine and make you want to spend even more time hanging out in the loo.

Remember to always check with your apartment’s superintendent before making any major modifications to your Ottawa apartment.


1) Clean your bathroom. Throw on some gloves and get ready to scrub. If you start your bathroom modifications with a good cleaning, it’ll make the next nine steps seem even more valuable.

2) Change your lighting fixtures. Lighting is the number one way to brighten or dim a room, and the bathroom is no exception. Consider changing the fixtures in your bathroom, or purchase different bulbs to create different lighting effects in the room.

3) Clean out your medicine cabinet. If you can believe it, studies show that over 40 per cent of guests in your apartment will look inside your medicine cabinet! For peace of mind, clean it out and you won’t have to worry about those snoopers ever again. Organizing is one of the best ways to feel like you’ve made a change.

4) Purchase matches or candles. The truth is, your apartment’s bathroom will stink. For the sake of those around you, or better yet, your guests, leave matches or a scented candle in the room to keep things smelling fresh.

5) Clean your tiles. The tiles in your shower can easily accumulate grim and dirt. If scrubbing hasn’t helped get them cleaner, consider applying a whitening pen to lighten the grout.

6) Get some new knobs. Just like your apartment’s kitchen, you can make a significant change in your bathroom by just switching up the knobs on your cabinets and/or doors. You may be surprised how this subtle do-it-yourself task will mix things up in your bathroom.

7) Paint your bathroom. The best part about painting your apartment’s bathroom is that, for the most part, it’s a small room and it won’t take much time to transform the walls. Focus on trying to match the walls with the tiles in your bathtub. You probably spend more time in the bathroom than you realize, so be sure to choose a colour that doesn’t make you squirm.

8) Get some reading material. You may not be a reader in the bathroom, but your guests may be. Perhaps you don’t want to influence your friends to use your toilet for extended periods of time, so consider getting some reading material solely for the purpose of reflecting your personality in the form of clever books or interesting magazines. It’ll add a little piece of you to your bathroom.

9) Change your shower curtain. There are endless colours, textures, and looks for your bathroom’s shower curtain. Because the shower curtain tends to be a focal point when entering an apartment’s bathroom, toss out your old one and get a fresh new style.

10) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Get your hands on some new towels for the bathroom. Purchase some new soaps for the countertop. Replace your old bath mat with a funky new one. Accessorizing your bathroom’s look can be easy with a few simple changes.

Your Ottawa apartment’s bathroom has an endless array of possible configurations and looks. Consider your personality, and then consider how you can make your bathroom reflect the things that make you unique.

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