Keeping Your Pets Happy During the Winter in Your Ottawa Apartment

Your Ottawa apartment rental may be a great place for your best friends in the summer, but come winter, how are you going to keep your pets happy? Maybe you could dress them up in warm pet-friendly clothing? Although, have you ever seen the expression on your pet’s face when you dress them up? They’re usually not smiling.

So, what’s the best solution to keeping your Ottawa apartment rental a happy place for your pets during the winter? Below is a list of the top five things you can do to keep your pets smiling this winter, specifically for cats and dogs.


Just like humans, pets get cold. Ottawa winters can get chilly, so be sure to be conscious of the temperature in your Ottawa apartment rental this winter to ensure your furry friend doesn’t get chilled.

Don’t forget, if your pet’s bed is located near a baseboard heater, you may want move its location during the winter as to avoid overheating them.


It’s easy to keep your pets active in the summer, but come winter, taking your four-legged friends out for walks is less appealing. Our Ottawa winters can be hard on their little paws and there are fewer ways to keep your pets trim when they’re cooped up in your Ottawa apartment.

For cats, especially if they are outdoor cats, all you need to give them is a little attention. Some cats are just lazy, and they like it that way. But some cats love to have their owners roll around on the floor with them and play with one of their toys. In the winter, to keep your feline friend active, you may need to start thinking and acting like a cat!

For dogs, you may want to put away the breakables in your Ottawa apartment, because they require more space to keep them active in the winter. Get yourself a softball and play fetch with your best friend, even while watching television. This will help to ensure your dog doesn’t put on too much winter weight.


Your Ottawa apartment’s floors will get chilly this winter. Unlike humans, your pets don’t have the luxury of being able to slip on a pair of socks or slippers when their paws get cold. If your Ottawa apartment is not carpeted, consider purchasing a nice soft rug for your pet to warm their paws on when the dead of winter sets in.


Most likely, this next tip is more for the Ottawa apartment renters who have dogs. When you take your dog out to go to the bathroom, remember that their paws will get very cold and very wet. Be sure to buy a large towel and keep it by the front door. Every time you come back into the apartment, take a minute and dry off their paws and their fur. They’ll appreciate your efforts to keep them warm while they’re back in your Ottawa apartment.


It’s easy to forget that even in the winter, humans are able to get fresh air. Sure, it may be cold, but you’re still getting a steady flow of air that helps to keep you healthy. It‘s counterproductive to open a window in your Ottawa apartment in the winter, because you don’t want to heat the outdoors. For your pets’ sake, circulate the airflow using a fan in the apartment. In the winter, things can get stale and dusty, and your pets have to breathe that in. A fan can help to keep a good flow throughout your Ottawa apartment.

To keep your pets happy, you need to keep your pets healthy in your Ottawa apartment. Whether you’re turning up the heat, spending quality time with them, or maintaining a fresh healthy home, there are many things you can do to keep your furry friends happy during the chilly Ottawa winters.

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