Hosting a Neighbour-Friendly Apartment Party in Ottawa

Did you just move into a new Ottawa apartment? Well, that’s exciting! You should celebrate with an old-fashioned apartment warming party!

Avoid giving your neighbours the wrong impression about you by adopting some neighbour-friendly party planning basics. A certain level of respect is required to live in harmony at your new apartment, and the list below will help to make your apartment warming party a success, without angering your neighbours.


Your new Ottawa apartment is something you’re going to want to show off to your friends and family. So, it’s safe to say these people will be the first guests on your party list. What tends to happen sometimes is that guest lists grow as your friends invite their friends and they invite their friends. Soon, you’ll have more people partying at your house than you originally had anticipated.

When it comes to apartment living, it’s safer to have a set guest list to avoid too many people being in your apartment at any given time. It’s a judgment call. Keep in mind, in many cases, you’ll have people living underneath you, above you, and on the same floor as you. Be conscious of the noise.


Nothing is more neighbourly than keeping the lines of communication open between each apartment. It shows a mutual respect for one another. Before your apartment warming party, consider informing your neighbours that you’ll be having people over. If they have any concerns or requests, it will be an excellent opportunity for them to express them.

If you really want to be extra neighbourly, invite them over to the apartment party. You never know, it may be a gesture that will help some day down the road.


Some Ottawa apartment parties have guests who look to be a little more festive than others. Sometimes these guests spill out into the hallways or out onto the balcony to celebrate your apartment warming. This can get loud and annoying for those not participating in the apartment warming party.

Be conscious of these folks, and contain the party inside your apartment. The quickest way to anger your neighbours is by making too much noise at your apartment warming party.


If your neighbours complain about noise or some other disturbance at your apartment party, don’t brush it off. Respect their wishes, and try to accommodate their requests as soon as possible.

An apartment feud with a disgruntled neighbour is a pain, and potentially awkward if you’re ever standing in the elevator together. Avoid letting issues in your Ottawa apartment escalate into a feud. Respect those in your area and your apartment life will be a better one.

Everybody lives their lives differently, so keep that in mind before you throw your first Ottawa apartment warming party. Your neighbours may appreciate quiet evenings in, and that is something you should respect. That’s not to say your apartment party needs to be boring. Just consider following the lists above to show you’ve thought about you neighbours before the good times begin to roll.

Apartment parties can be fun, just be respectful of your new neighbours and your new apartment life will be even more enjoyable.

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