How to Make Your Ottawa Apartment Your Home

Moving into a new Ottawa apartment can be a bit daunting. When rooms are empty and walls are bare, it can be hard to see your new space as home. Instead, try considering your new apartment in Ottawa as a clean slate – a blank canvas you can decorate to your own taste and with lots of personal touches.

Follow these simple (and affordable) tips, and your Ottawa apartment is guaranteed to feel like home in no time!


Does your Ottawa apartment seem empty and lack personality? Then it’s time to turn your apartment into a home. The first place to begin is to figure out what makes “your style” and then show it off. Here’s how:

  • Bring out your favourite stuff. Nothing feels more homey than being surrounded by your favourite things.
  • Figure out what your style is. Do you like floral or geometric? Modern or antique? Plain or colourful?
  • Display your things. Little shelves or bookshelves, or even the windowsills of your Ottawa apartment, are a great place to keep a few of your prized items.
  • Display favorite books or interesting magazines on coffee or end tables for both you and your guests to enjoy.
  • Pack away the stuff you don’t like, or simply get rid of it. There’s no point in keeping it out, and it will only add clutter to your apartment.


Pictures and photographs are a great way to make your Ottawa apartment rental feel more like a home.

  • Keep your family and friends close by displaying their pictures. Your fridge makes a perfect place to hang photos and other memorabilia.
  • Don’t have many picture frames? Make your own! You can also make your own magnet to hold some of your favourite photographs of you and friends hanging around Ottawa on your fridge.


Fill an empty, boring room with little pieces of creativity. Nothing makes an apartment in Ottawa a home more than personalized works of art, souvenirs from travels, or unique knick-knacks.

  • Have an unusual piece of art or ceramics? Nothing makes more conversation than interesting artifacts and art.
  • Fill a decorative clear glass bowl with your favorite color marbles or polished stones.
  • Fill a glass bowl or vase with fresh flowers or fruit.
  • Give old furniture a facelift with a new coat of paint.
  • Display something interesting you picked up at an Ottawa garage sale.


Finally, add little bits of charm and personality to your Ottawa apartment with these easy tips.

  • Freshen up an old or damaged couch with a new slipcover
  • Add colour to chairs and sofas with small, matching throw pillows.
  • Get a welcome mat for all outside doors.
  •  Use throw rugs, especially in kitchen and hallways.

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