Ten Tips to Finding a Great Ottawa Apartment

Ottawa has so many great communities! It may be a daunting task to try and figure out which Ottawa apartment and Ottawa neighbourhood best suits your lifestyle. Should your next apartment be in Ottawa East, Ottawa South, or maybe the bustling downtown core?

Whichever area you choose, you should consider the following tips to finding the perfect Ottawa apartment and making the process as painless as possible.

Below are the top ten tips to properly acquire the Ottawa apartment of your dreams. Good luck!


Start your search early. Once you’ve decided that moving apartments is something you want to do, don’t put the search off any longer. In fact, once you know it’s time to move, you need to start doing your homework.

Starting early will ensure you aren’t stuck choosing just any Ottawa apartment, rather the perfect Ottawa apartment.


Do your research. Taking the time to learn the Ottawa apartment market will help you understand how far your money will be able to go with your next rental.

Consider visiting online resources like PadmapperCraigslist Ottawa, DistrictRealty.com, and Kijiji Ottawa. You’ll get a better indication of what Ottawa has to offer in its apartment market. Remember, knowledge is power, and this is especially true when you’re apartment hunting.


Determine some aspects of apartment living you’re willing to live with. The truth is, we’re all looking to save a buck. When you begin your Ottawa apartment search, determine some elements you’d be willing to tolerate in order to save money.


Choose a neighbourhood. With dozens of neighbourhoods to choose from in Ottawa, pick one that suits your lifestyle. If you like restaurants and entertainment, downtown may be right for you. But if the convenience of being near Algonquin College is a must, consider renting your next apartment on McWatters Rd.

Once the neighbourhood is selected, your search will become considerably easier.


Everyone is different and has their own likes and dislikes. Write them down. You may care to have a daycare, a medical centre, or a fitness centre near your Ottawa apartment.

Whatever your lifestyle requires, it’s a good idea to determine your likes and dislikes list before you begin your search to easily narrow down your choices.


Get out there and tour the area. See the neighbourhood and apartment complex before stepping foot into the building. This kind of research is perfect to determine what you may be getting yourself into. For example, you may realize that the apartment you thought was great was actually in a neighbourhood you aren’t too keen on.


Tour the units. Of course, you’ll have to go see the available apartments to make an informed decision. Keep in mind, if possible, visit the units during the day to get the most natural light to shine in. This will help to reveal any apartment blemishes, if they exist.

Also, if you arrive at the apartment and it’s not clean, consider that a warning sign. Landlords who show dirty apartments should be a telling sign for any good apartment hunter.


Chat with your potential neighbours. If you get a chance during any of your visits to talk with residents in the hallway or in the elevator, be sure to do so. They’ll most likely give you the straight goods, as they may have experienced issues or triumphs while living in their Ottawa apartment.


Show up prepared. During certain seasons of the year, it’s difficult to secure an apartment if the demand is high. If you visit a potential apartment that you think you may want to get your hands on, be sure to arrive at the viewing with your papers prepared. Landlords will look at your initiative with great interest, and it may help to secure your apartment before the next viewing.

In some cases, “your papers” will include a list of references, employer information, and a void blank cheque.


Act fast and follow your gut. People are moving in and moving out of apartments all the time throughout the city. When you go visit a potential apartment, listen to your instinct, because your hesitation may result in missing out on a great new home. If you like what you see, make the decision and go for it!

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