Tenant Reviews

“I have to say that in the four years we resided at a District Realty apartment building, the service we received from the District Realty team has been outstanding. It’s really been a pleasure. Thank you again very much.”
~ Jennifer H., Ottawa


“I want you to know what a wonderful job you’re doing. I’ve been living here for almost three years and have never seen so much work and effort done here in such a short period of time … Thank you!”
~ D. V., Nepean


“We have truly enjoyed living at this fine establishment.”
~ Andres and Dolores C., Ottawa


“I have very much enjoyed living in the building. The staff and services are great.”
~ Susan H., Ottawa


“The superintendent and his two staff were excellent and professional at all times. I have enjoyed living here and would do so again. Thank you.”
~ Robert T., Ottawa


“We have enjoyed our stay and feel that the management of the building is excellent.”
~ Michael D. and Lise A ., Ottawa


“We were constantly amazed at the effort and dedication the superintendents brought to the building and its daily operations. They treated the building as their own.”
~ Fred H., Ottawa


“I want to say its been great living under District Realty Management. Your team has done a super job.”
~ Lauren C., Ottawa


“We have been very fortunate to find a great building to reside in with fantastic superintendents.”
~ Duane and Julie F., Ottawa


“I really enjoy staying here … It’s a very safe, clean and professionally managed building. “
~ Steven C., Ottawa


“Thank you for your friendly service that have made our stay in your premises comfortable.”
~ Shah K., Ottawa


“It’s been a great experience living in your building. You have a wonderful staff. They are hard working and very helpful every day and we greatly appreciate it.”
~ Zukaida and Josefina G., Ottawa


“We chose your building because of the impression that the superintendents gave us when we viewed the apartment. Our two-year stay has proven our instincts correct.”
~ Fred H., Ottawa