Why Rent an Ottawa East Apartment?

The City of Ottawa has dozens of beautiful areas to rent an apartment in. Everyone has different tastes in their apartment rental, and Ottawa has many different locations to choose from. Ottawa’s East end is an area ideal for students, new families, and seniors. Below are some of the exciting features that Ottawa’s East end apartments have to offer.


Whether you live at Rideau Terrace Apartments, Chapleau Avenue Apartments, or one of the other beautiful properties in Ottawa’s East end, there is something for everyone in this growing community. Population numbers show that the majority of those living in Ottawa live in the West end, but Ottawa’s East end continues to be the fastest growing area in the city. With museums, restaurants, shopping, and easy access to transportation, it’s no wonder why apartments in Ottawa’s East end are so desirable.


Located in the centre of Ottawa’s East end is the Canada Science and Technology Museum, which is the largest museum of its kind in Canada. It’s the excuse you need to dust yourself off and get out of your apartment for the day.

The Cumberland Heritage Village Museum is a picturesque 100-acre, open-air museum depicting rural life in the 1930s in the Lower Ottawa Valley. This museum is located on the outskirts of Ottawa’s East end and is an excellent way to escape your apartment for an afternoon of fun.


Ottawa’s East end is filled with flavours from all corners of the world! To name all the wonderful restaurants and eateries in Ottawa’s East end would be impossible. Here are just a couple of selections to help get your taste buds salivating.

Little Turkish Village Dining Lounge is located on St. Joseph Blvd. in Orleans and some believe it to have some of the tastiest food in the entire city. With a Turkish salad that will make you re-think the way you eat salads, this is one of Ottawa’s best kept secrets.

Perkins Family Restaurant and Bakery is Ottawa’s premier 24-hour breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant. This is one of Ottawa’s most popular restaurants for locals and those just driving through.

Foodies Guide has a listing of all the best restaurants in Ottawa’s East end, visit the site to see what other flavours the area has to offer.


Ottawa’s East end has shopping near your apartment! Here are two of the more popular spots:

Place D’Orleans is the second largest enclosed shopping mall in Ottawa featuring fine stores and services. Place D’Orleans is located off of Highway 174 in the east end of Ottawa.

St. Laurent Shopping Centre has 195 shops and services, including the best brand stores and one-of-a-kind boutiques.

Ottawa’s East end has the amenities you’re looking for when searching for your next apartment. With museums, restaurants, and shopping galore, you’ll quickly see why Ottawa’s East end has become one of the most popular places to rent an apartment in Ottawa.

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