Making the Most of Your Apartment Bedroom!

Getting the most out of the space you have available should always be a priority when decorating your apartment. And your bedroom is one of the places where smart planning can make a big difference in the final look of your apartment.


Neutral colours open up spaces. So does natural light. Always do what you can to make the most of both, especially when natural light becomes such a rare commodity during bleak Ottawa winters!

Dark and deep colours like red and blue can make an apartment feel smaller, especially in a small space, so pick lighter colours if you’re trying to keep things open.


Remember that the goal is to reduce wasted space. Do you really need a King Size bed? Probably not. But how small can you comfortably go? Don’t be uncomfortable for the sake of saving space, but don’t waste space either. Find a balance and a bed that’s right for you.

As well, there are different types of beds you can put in your apartment bedroom, and you should decide which one fits your bedroom best before making your purchase.


Depending on the size and layout of the apartment you’ve rented, you might consider putting a dresser or two outside your bedroom and in one of the other rooms of your apartment. If you’re in a bachelor apartment or a studio apartment and you don’t have a separate bedroom, you might consider moving your dresser away from your bed. Be creative, for example, a dresser might serve as an excellent shelf for your TV or books.

And when it comes to storage, think smart. Intelligent apartment storage is one of the best ways to save space. Keep your small items organized – if they’re spread out around your room, they’ll make the room appear smaller than it is. A clean room always seems bigger. Depending on what you need to store, and how often you need to access it, there are lots of apartment storage solutions you can come up with.

If you are in a smaller apartment and have lots of “stuff,” there are plenty of storage unites and storage solutions around Ottawa and most cities. Consider them as an option, depending on your budget and the amount of stuff you really have.

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