10 Ways to Keep You and Your Ottawa Apartment Cool This Summer

There’s no doubt that Ottawa is a fantastic place to be during the summer months. With its amazing festivals, sprawling patios, abundant markets and acres of parkland, summer in Ottawa is hard to beat.

Summer in the city can also be hot and sticky – especially if your Ottawa apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these ten tips, and beat the Ottawa heat this summer!

Fan it Out. A tried-and-true method to staying cool, be sure your Ottawa apartment has at least one fan before the onslaught of those hot summer days. Even if it’s sweltering outside, the movement of air across your skin is sure to help cool you down.

Avoid the Oven. Instead, consider using an indoor grill or your microwave. Better yet, use a BBQ! But be sure to check first that your landlord or Ottawa property management company doesn’t have any restrictions against the use of an outdoor grill.

Don’t Let the Sun Shine In. If you don’t have curtains or blinds already, consider this a quick and inexpensive DIY project that will have huge results. During the day, keep the hot sun from blazing into your Ottawa apartment by keeping your blinds closed – you’ll be amazed at the difference in temperature.

Colour it Cool. Believe it or not, you can trick your mind into thinking that it’s cooler in your Ottawa apartment than it actually is with just a little paint. Add a cool colour, such as blue or green, and you’ll fool yourself cool in no time.

Turn Out the Lights. This one is a must. It may seem impossible that a 60-watt bulb actually contributes to the overall heat of your apartment, but it does. If you need the light, consider buying fluorescent light bulbs, which emit less heat, available at any Ottawa hardware store.

Put Off the Chores. Vacuuming during the day is a surefire way to raise the temperature of your apartment. Instead, save the vacuuming (and other vigorous chores, which can cause your body temperature to rise) for those cooler mornings and evenings.

Freeze It. Using the freezer in your Ottawa apartment for more than just ice is a great way to keep cool this summer. Freeze a damp cloth for a reenergizing cold compress, cool down your pillow for a more comfortable sleep, or make some homemade popsicles for a refreshing snack.

Take Cold a Shower. A cold shower is the quickest way to jolt yourself cool. If the idea of a cold shower seems too extreme, consider running the last fifteen seconds of your shower on cold or even just running your feet and wrists under cold water.

Eat Light. Rich, heavy foods take more energy (which is heat) to digest. For those hot Ottawa summer months, consider a menu of lighter, oven-free fare such as soups, salads and grilled meats.

When in Doubt, Get Out! Even with best efforts and intentions, some summer days are just too sweltering to survive on these tips alone. On days like this, make getting out of your Ottawa apartment your top priority – an easy task given all that Ottawa has to offer during the summer months!

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