Residential Property Administrator – Head Office

  • Division: Residential
  • Term: Full-Time
  • Location: 50 Bayswater Ave.

Position: Residential Property Administrator – HEAD OFFICE

Hours of Work: Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Reporting To: Property Manager / COO

Overview: Under the supervision of the Residential Property Manager assist in in the day-to-day administrative activities of the Residential Property Management Department.

Tools: Must be computer proficient.

Responsibilities: Duties may include assisting with:


· Collect, arrange, and process rental applications including collecting payment of LMR

· Inform declined applicants and arrange return of LMR

· Produce and collect leases and all required move-in documents

· Provide rental and lease related documents to Res Admin Assistant for paper and e-filing

· Process vacates

· Process sublets and assignments

· Process Mission rentals and serve as contact point for Mission staff


· Pursue tenants for collection of late or bounced rent

· Produce memos and letters as needed by PM

· Handle majority of phone and email correspondence with tenants

· Provide move-in package and by-law tenant information package to new tenants

· Prepare Parking, Storage, and AC agreements

· Approve Parksafe permit requests

· Maintain clear records of parking assignments as SPACE is inadequate to do so (parking spreadsheet updates and auditing)

· Provide important communication documents to Res Admin Assistant for paper and e-filing


· Submit all tenant adjustments (move-in, PAP, credits, parking adjustments, chargebacks etc.)

· Provide rental statements to tenants upon request

· Distribute completed financial statements

· Process POs and invoices upon request

· Code, distribute, file EFTs and rent supplement payments

· Produce cheque requisitions and distribute refund cheques to tenants where required

· Send daily and monthly reports of credit card transactions


· Add/remove properties and staff members from Suitespot

· Add service requests to Suite Spot

· Assist with closing/opening duties when a property is sold or added to the portfolio

· Issue fobs, update buzzer boards


· Prepare and distribute N4s, N1s, N5s

· Correspond with paralegal

· Review and catalogue security camera footage when required

· Assist with utility account changes when requested by PM


· Responsible for ensuring that important documents are properly filed, either by doing the filing or checking on the res assistant’s work when applicable

· Cover reception duties as required

· Deal with all incoming mail to res admin


· Handle most commercial admin matters for buildings that are primarily residential such as issuance of statement of charges each year, issuance of OPC recovery statements when requested by financial analyst

· Serve as additional contact point between PM and Commercial Tenants when needed

· Assist in rent collection from commercial tenants when needed

And other duties as required.