Record Management Clerk

  • Division: Residential
  • Term: Full-Time
  • Location: 50 Bayswater Ave.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Bank reconciliations at the beginning of each month.
  • Download and/or print bank statements for sorting and review.
  • Reconcile priority-coded properties in prescribed order.
  • Save all bank reconciliations for each individual property; process all properties.
  • File all original statements as they arrive in the office from various banking institutions.
  • Sort/organize supplier/contractor invoices.
  • Scanning invoices to the common drive (“K”)
  • Categorize and file all hard copy invoices from payables box into appropriate property files.
  • Categorize and organize all hard copy invoices for scanning.
  • Archive files.
  • Process documents and electronically file into “K” drive.
  • Maintain and check if all suppliers are in the right property, folder and supplier.
  • Place all scanned documents for the month in boxes, label, organize and store.
  • Process recurring payables for the next month.
  • Printing of all Transfer Recurring invoices for all properties.
  • Processing and Printing of cheques. Send out for signatures. File them in folders and place them in safety box.
  • Processing of EFT payments.
  • Process and send out rental cheque.
  • Produce labels.
  • In charge of searching invoices archived in storage room as needed for accounting and auditing purposes.
  • Purge all hard copy files older than 7 years
  • Other tasks as requested by accountants

Compensation – $40,000 – 45,000 annually dependent on experience

Hours – 9 – 5 one hour for lunch

Free Parking

Group Health Insurance after three-month probationary period

Pension plan after 2 years of employment